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by Amanda Whitton

Hi there, inhabitants of the cyber-net! I've been browsing th web for a few months now, and I think I'm finally ready to contributae somehthing. Just to warn you in advance, i am a Christian, and I have a very hard time not only understanding but tolerating atheism. It all just seems ilogical to me. But just wait until you hear what I have to say before you attck me. What I have posted below is an essay that I put together for my church youth group, and I think I did a very good job presniting my case. Please approach this with an open mind. That's all I ask. Thanks. :)

"Asking the Right Questions -- Finding the Divine Answers"

Each of us has our own "special place." You know, a place where you go to get away from it all, to sit and think and just talk to your inner voice. Some people like to lay in bed and think, preferring the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere it provides. Some people prefer the formality of the living room, liking the efflorescence and the deliquescence of that esthetic. Still others prefer the natural beauty of nature, its babbling brooks and its sweet natural song music to their tripetized ears.

I, myself, have always been an indoorsy person, and thus I find I enjoy just sitting alone on top of the clothes dryer in the basement. It makes me feel relaxed and warm, and clears my mind so I am free to probe the deepest questions life has to offer.

One day, I was sitting on the dryer enjoying the vibations when I had a pifany. I was thinking about god and life and the univrse, when suddenly, it all, just fell into place. I finally understood who I am, who man is, and what our colective place is ion the garnder scheme of the universe. I am writing today to share that experience with you, and perhaps help you to see why some of you are being led down the wrong path in life. I have drawn sevaral concludions from my experience, and here I will present them in outlined form so as to keep it from getting confusing.

Part I -- What is "man"?

"Man," as defined by popular culture, means basically "woman with external gentila." But this definition can be expanded upon, and taken as a whole can mean the entire human propulation, even those who can't urinate sitting down. Different gentila really is irrelevant. So next time someone says to you "That guy is a man," you can say back to them, "so are we all." And this is true because we are all in the same boat together, blacks, whites, hispanics, and other. Skin color makes no differnce to who a person is. If white people had more carbon in there blood stream, they would be black too. Think about that the next time you hear someone call another person the n-word. Words are used to comunicate, and some can be used to hurt others. This is why freedom of speach is so important. It is like calling someone what you yourself are more like, besmirching YOU more than your target is unscathed because they are above you amd not going to stoop to your level you call them things that aren't true just MEAN. Ignore it! Non-violence, like Martin Luther said. Our four-fathers founded this country on that principal, free speech, and taken at face value, the whole becomes not the one. E pluribus unum, which is latin for "in God we trust." In GOD we trust. The Union troops fought for our independence and won. Could this feat have been achieved without a deep-rooted faith in God? Obviously not, or else we would have lost, and we'd have slavery today. That all ties back into the issue of is what is man. A man is, in that respect, a human being. Any human being. Enslaving another just because they have more melonoma or bloodcarbon is wrong. The logicality or the precludes it.

Part II -- What is "God"?

God is real. He is the creater of the univres and its caretaker. Without him, life could not be, in the restbing as it a now -- and now ALONE. He is the embodiment of love and goodness, and thus cannot be created or destroyed. The Laws of Physics are based on this principle. God is energy. Anerge cann't be created or destroyed. God cannot be created or destroyed. it's all very simple when you think about it. God created man. then god created woman for the purpose of procreating man. That is why homosexuality is wrong. Like murder is wrong. Except when killing is absolutely necessary to spread the word of Christ. Crusades. but homosexuality is not to spread the word of Christ. It is for pleasure and pleasure alone, and thus is evil. Real, sinless, godly sex is done only to procreate, and if it's done right, it shouldn't be pleasurable at all, but more like a sweaty chore, a duty to God, an oath to him.

Man has a specifically place in the universe and in time too. it is up to him (us) to to find out what that place is, and we are still struggling. The modern religious movement brings these questions to lite,. It is true. All anyone must do to establish a relationship wiht god is open their heart to him and let him in. It is just plain sick for a man to have sex with another man. evil sperm carries diseases, like A.I.D.S. That is why god gives us diseases. it has always been this way. Evlution favores the genetic desirabled. Homosexuals cannot have kids, cannot pass in their genes, therefre, there should be no more homoseualuly the next generation,. But there will be. Thyus its existance proves the existance of satan. Pretty hard to deny the TRUTH, isn't it?

Part III - Why athiesm?

Since it is pretty obvious even to the most obtuse that God exists, it brings us to the question, "how can people deny him?" People, if they hate god and goodness and love, are call themselves athiests, and say that god doesn't exist. Why? If god is a part of every person, and those people deny his existance. Aren't they just denying a piece of themselves? Not only that, but is it possible that they could hate some part of themselves, and are transversing that hatred onto the god part? Like a skin-graft gone horribly awry? It is like severing a leg, and then putting it on another person who lost a leg before but this leg is too short,a ndthus is unappreciated so he goes looking for another, even though he already has one that really is, when you think about it, good enough and he just needs to appreciate what he is gimpy without hating himself for it. It is easy to overcome this hatred, this denial. Possible it is because you are decieved by satan or others who worhip him (collectively called stanists) but amnesia can be caused by a traumatic event. It is best to see a hypnotherapist or a regressionist before losing hope for yourself. The real root of your self-hatred may be buried under years of parental sexual abuse. You need to go and find out. There are numbers you can all. DON'T GIVE UP!!!

i hope I have better informed you on man, god, and why atheism doesn't

Thanking very much for reading. I would appreciate constructive comments. Send them to divisiontwo@yahoo.com

Love, Amanda
Christian #1!

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