Reflections from the Dryer
by Amanda Whitton

Geez, where do I start? YOur email responses to my last post were very apreciated. I am glad that some of you are listening to me. As for you others, I won't give up hope jsut yet,. I know I'm just 11, but If any of you ever just need to talk , if you ever feel likje you need soenm sopport, I'm always here to listen.

I was sitting on the dryer yersterday afternoon when I had another pifany. Well, it was more like several small ones and then one big explosive one, but the last one was all that was really important. I actually started to cry. I started to cry when I thought of all the babies that are aborted each year only days away from entering the world. tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought of all people masterbating, selfishly pleasuring themselves and abusing a gift from god. Rogasms are a GIFT. A GIFT! They are not to be abused . Imagine how great this world would be if people just understood that!! People, whenever you sneak an extra one on your coffee break or at a long stoplight, one person loses a life. That's right.

A woman in the united states has an orgasm once every 23 seconds. A man in the United states has an rogasm once every 5 seconds. How do you account for all these orgasms? No man could average one orgasm every five seconds if he weren't masturbating. Same with women. But the fact that these numbers aren't the same reveals a lot. But even more startling is that every 14 seconds, someone loses a life.

DOn't these statistics seem eerily coorlated? Especially when you consider that the average of 23 and 5 is 14. 9YOu'll want a calculator to verify that.) People, you may be taking a life away from a baby when you do your evil. Take in consideration that according to Highlights Magazine, Luxumbourg has the "horniest male population in the civilized world." That may not sound too damning until you cross-check that with an Atlas, and find out that it also has the second-highest infant mortality rate of all sovereign countries. Concidnec? I think not.

This behavior is what leads to so many unwanted fetuses gettingt carelessly aborted at drive-thru clinics.. This is the behabior that leads people to believe that they are homosexls. Just think about it! If you keep getting your self turned on and getting your self off, like an ondulating wall switch that just goes up and down, up and down, eventualy, you're gonna get gay.

And then there is only ato be gotten in not only the evils of itself but the outside stigmata it causes the individual! Abortion is an evil. It is wrong to take another human life. Our comandments tell us that.

There are no exceptions, espercilly for pre-born human life. One day, I was talking to one of my friends, and she said that she thought that there wanst a god. I explained to her that even if she loses her faith in God, gid will not turn her away when she finds him again. GOd, I think, is kind of like a trash compactor. Few people actually have one, most people would kill to get one, and they're readily available to anyone who wants one, though few bother to actually go out and get the real thing and instead just decide to compact their own trash (i.e. practice a false religion). Everything is related. That is why abortion is wrong. It is a disgusting procedure. They showed us a video of one and I felt like I was going to throw up. Any medical practice this sickening should be outlawed !

Some of the other kids couldn't even look. The sanctity of life should be reguarded as the HIGHEST priority. The sanctity of life must be guarded against those who would cheapen it, like clonists. Cloning, is potentially very dangerous. What if, some corporation or cult clones a bunch of people and brainwashes them from birth so as to get more followers? Will we have "clone-wars?" It scares me.

False religions are another thing,,. If you're following a flase religion, you should know it by how it feels inside. if you don't have jesus in your life, it is not necessary to go out and find him. he will find his own way into your life. leave a door unbarred, leave a window open a crack, he will work his way in silenltly when you least expect it. He won't even trip the alarm. this is an analog to your soul. If you have no room in your heart, well, I feel sorry for you. Everybody knows jesus hates no vacancy signs! Do not spit in the face of the rider of the Great Cross. One day you'll thank me that I warned you! In so much as the open to see the inside reveals much more because simply of what it IS, not what it DOES. What it DOES is irrelevant.

How come so many of you don't see this? I think kids need to start learning about religion earlier in life, before negative influences can take hold. I know this. I, too, have questioned my faith many times, but luckily, I had the proper guidance to leed me through. And this was not long ago. I had a pifany on the dryer one time and I thought hey, thou shalt not steal, right? Well, is it wrong if a man steals bread feed his starving family? No, it's not. Why, then, is it wrong if a man plugs his neighbor's wife, to feed his starving lust? That's not wrong either, I thought. Well, I asked my religion teacher in private one time, and she told me that some commandments are more importent than others. And some are outdated, like that one about not having to quarter soldiers. She said that some of the commandnents, like "Thou shalt not kill," are not rigid laws but instead flexible guidelines. That is why the Crusades did not offend God. But others, like, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife," should be followed to the letter to protect against venereal diseases. Sex is inherently, by its very nature, evil. Sexual rules cannot be brokin, and sexual deviants must be punished. That is why Megan's Law.

DO you see now? I think you due or at least you should if your not stupid. So I hope you have comee to an understandng about what I'm trying to say. If you want to tell me what you thnik, emale you're comments to

Love, Amanda
CHristian #1!

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