by Reverend E. Thomas Eugene

September 24, 1999

It is a sad day when I can’t let my children watch television unsupervised, because I’m afraid of the images they might see and the ideas they might get. It is a sad day when I have tomonitor my children’s choice of music to make sure there aren’t any culturally destructive messages contained in its lyrics. It is a sad day when I have to accompany my children to the library so that they don’t accidentally stumble upon any anti-Christian blasphemy, morally deviant essays or pornographic art books. It is a sad day when I can’t let my children use the Internet because there’s some pervert out there waiting to corrupt their minds.

No matter where I look lately, I see the cultural and moral degeneration of America. I see homosexuals holding hands on the streets. I see educators teaching evolution as though it were fact. I see unwed mothers, teen pregnancies, anti-family DFL pamphlets, television shows making fun of Christians, gays buying equal rights, and the Jewish-controlled media destroying our country’s values. But most importantly, I see diseases like AIDS, Herpes, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis completely out of control and on a violent rampage throughout the world.

I am a proud Baptist reverend of 34 years with a well-deserved Ph.D. in theology. I have a lovely wife, a suburban home and two beautiful children, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to protect it all from the fraying of the nation’s moral fabric.

These are rough times for our country; we are lost and confused in a snarl of negative images and ideas. All around us the world is going to Hell and it’s going fast, and the reaction of most Americans is to just sit back and enjoy the ride. But, I write to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. By turning to Jesus and following the word of the Bible, we can make our homes safe again. We must do it for our children, our children’s children, and our children’s children’s children. If all Christians could unite, could come together and turn away from our sins, we could turn back the clock to 1955, a very good year for everyone.

With that in mind, I have compiled a few suggestions that I think could help to turn thisdream into reality.

1. Children First -- Saving America’s Families

Remember 1955? Remember the Cleavers? Remember the Waltons? Remember Patty Duke? Remember when a “normal” family consisted of a white mother, a white father, and good, white Christian children? Think back to that era and remember what it was like. Now think about 1996. What is a “normal” family 41 years later? Walk through Main Street in Anytown, USA, and you’ll see that “normal” is a Black or Mexican single mother living off welfare to buy cigarettes and alcohol for herself and to by macaroni & cheese for her fourteen kids fathered by fifteen or sixteen different men. The Cleavers? The Bundys. The Waltons? The Simpsons. Patty Duke? Ellen
Dangerous. These are the images our children are seeing every day. These are the images which our children are growing up perceiving as “normal.”

And perhaps they are normal in 1999. Perhaps they are normal in a country which has closed the Bible and turned on the TV. But that doesn’t make it right. America needs to rediscover marriage, the Bible, and the family while shutting out the destructive paradigms of the degenerate 1960s.

Women with children need to stay at home and take care of their kids, period. It is the way of life set up in the Bible, and to deviate from it only causes problems. Mothers need to ignore the media stereotype which pushes them out of their homes and away from their kids to pursue the all-important careers (Martin Luther, Works 12.94). It isn’t right. A policy needs to be in place which forbids married women with children from working outside the home (1 Timothy 2:12-15). Not only would that policy result in better-adjusted children and therefore a decrease in crime, homosexuality, atheism, and mental illness, but it would also end unemployment as we know it by clearing the way for family men to get better jobs at higher pay to provide for their families, for women were not intended to act as men (1 Corinthians 11:3-9).

Children also need to be protected from homosexual images in society and in the media. Homosexuality is condemned by God (Lev. 18:21, Genesis 1:27-28) . God created man in his own image and woman from the rib of man. In short, God created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. The Bible clearly states that it is wrong for a man to have sex with another man (Genesis 19:4-28) . Homosexuality was the primary reason for the destruction of the city of Sodom, and was also behind the downfall of the Roman empire (Romans 1:24-32). And if we let it go unchecked, it will be responsible for the downfall of the American empire, too. The first sign of this is the spread of AIDS. More money needs to be allocated immediately to researching a cure for homosexuality. If one cannot be found, homosexuals must either be locked away from society (at great expense to the taxpayers) or be executed altogether. It is the only way to make sure our children are safe and in the grace of God.

Another area in serious need of the Lord is the public school system. Aptitude test scores of American students have dropped steadily from 1955, while those of students in foreign countries have risen far beyond ours. Schools have also become increasingly unsafe. Even with metal detectors in entryways and policemen roaming the halls, one needs only to turn on the national news to know none of that seems to be helping. Drugs and drug pushers still line the hallways, continually looking for their next innocent victims. Also common in America’s crumbling public schools is immoral sexual behavior leading to teen pregnancy, which is largely encouraged by school administrators who are handing out condoms like tasty, individually-wrapped peppermint candies. This is what happens when a nation’s values become warped enough to allow girls to be educated alongside boys. I think it should be clear to any thinking person that the only way to put an end to the violence, drug use, and sexual promiscuity in our classrooms is to have a nationwide moment of school-sanctioned silent prayer every morning.

2. Television and the Communication Revolution -- An Intelligent Perspective

Another problem we are forced to deal with in our modern era is the non-Christian aspect of television. I remember when I was a kid I could watch whatever I wanted and feel completely safe in knowing that I would never see anything that would frighten, disturb, or agitate me in any way. But, unfortunately, my kids don’t have it quite so easy.

Don’t get me wrong, television can be a good thing when used for evangelistic Christian programming, but unfortunately that all to often isn't the case. The Jewish network executives use the airwaves to promote their Satanic shows like "Friends" and "Ellen." What we need to do is get together and mount a massive Christian effort that will hit these executives in their pocket books and get them out of power. Then their evil Satanic shows will wither and die like a thistle severed from its Zionistic root. After those shows are gone we will have more room for better shows like “The 700 Club” and “Jack Van Impe Presents” in the prime time lineup. Who knows, we may even be able to get Pat Robertson to host the evening news and filter out all the non-Christian garbage! When we combine our forces, Christians, anything is possible. The second thing we as Christians need to do is GET THE INTERNET SHUT DOWN. Originally a good concept, the entire medium has strayed too far from its original purpose of spreading the word of Jesus to the far corners of the world. Now, there are possibly as many as a thousand atheistic, heathenistic, agnostic, and Satanic pages popping up all over the Web. What’s worse, the Web is also being used by false religions like Islam and Hinduism to spread their offensive and destructive views. This has to stop. And stop it will, if we all work together to make it so. Cooperation is the key.

3. Atheism’s HOLLOW Core

Perhaps that header is misleading. In truth, atheism has no core. It has long ago been rotted out by its own festering evil. I recently had a conversation with an atheist, if “conversation” you could call it. It mostly consisted of him viciously attacking my beliefs and everything I hold dear and me thwarting his arguments at every turn with the true word of God. I know that many Christians out there have gone through a similar experience as I, and so I provide this section of this essay as a service to them. The following is a way good Christians can address the arguments so-called “atheists” (I prefer “Satanists,” it’s more accurate) in a non-judgmental, rational manner befitting one’s faith. The following is an essay wrote and sent to an atheistic quarterly journal back in June of 1996. It alone won literally dozens of converts Christianity who later emailed or called me to express their gratitude at having saved their eternal souls.

Hello Satanists. I am a strong, proud, vocal Christian who wields the sharp, heavy axe of truth when dealing with lowlife slugs like you "people" here. The word of GOD is the only weapon I need to show how idiotic stupid scumbags like you are.

God created the world. You want proof? It's in the Bible. God created man. You want proof? Read the Bible. Homosexuals are evil. You want proof? Pick up the Bible.

Why don't you atheists get it? You are asserting that there is no God, so prove it. Prove to me that there is no God. You can't. But you don't need to, because I can prove to you that there is a God. It says so in the Bible. You don't believe the Bible? Ask a priest.

Millions upon millions of people believe in God. How can that many people be wrong? They can't. I can tell you that there is a God because I have had a personal experience with God. And so have millions of other people. I suggest you atheists go out somewhere secluded in nature and just talk with Him. Just talk. He'll answer. I became a Christian the same way. You can too. You can learn to love God like I do and follow His word to love your fellow man and love Jesus. I cannot save you. You cannot save you. Only God and Jesus can save you. You want proof? Ask them.

If you continue to reject God, then, come Judgment Day, you'll be writhing in the pits on Hell, screaming in agony while I will be looking down on you from Heaven and laughing, "I told you so!" It's true. Just read a Bible. They're everywhere. If you don't have one, then go to a church and get one. (A "church" is one of those pretty buildings with the tall, pointy roofs and the colored-glass windows. Ever seen one? Guffaw!)


E. Thomas Eugene

See? Wasn’t that powerful? I hope that helps you, fellow Christians, in your dealings with the diseased, lowlife underworld of atheism.

Before I close, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read my essay and conform to my views. I love you, God loves you, Jesus loves you, but most importantly, send money to my church.

Thank you.

-E. Thomas Eugene.

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