Makeovers for Guys


When Matt first came to us, he was beginning to develop a five o'clock shadow and his hair was getting a little shaggy. What we needed to do was give Matt a shave and a haircut. For the shave, we used an electric Norelco IronMan razor ($59.99), and for the haircut, we used a pair of scissors we found in the Health & Beauty section of Target ($10.00). You can see the difference in the before and after photos below.

Matt Before


Matt After

"It's great!" said Matt, "I feel like a new man. And they told me how I could save money on salons by shaving my own face in the morning before work. I always thought a professional had to do it." Matt said that he was "very, very pleased" with his new look and that he's going to stick with it for awhile at least.


Carson had a problem that was similar to Matt's: He had the beginnings of a five o'clock shadow and his hair needed a trimming. What we did for Carson was start him out with a shampoo and conditioning. The shampoo we used was American Crew for Men ($78.50), and our conditioner was Suave Daily Conditioning ($2.89). Then we gave him a light trim. For the beard, we decided to go with a Shick ErecSelect Disposable ($34.89) and Edge Pro Gel Plus! ($1.89). Carson's beard was tricky, since it was blond and very, very thin, and hence almost impossible to see. To remedy this, we used RadioVision's InfraGoggles ($245.99) to see what we were doing. When we finished, the results were astonishing.

Carson Before


Carson After

Carson was very excited about his new look. "I looked in the mirror and I didn't even recognize myself!" he exclaimed. "I was like, who's this handsome stud looking at me?" It took him more than 20 minutes of looking away and then quickly looking back, making fast, jerky hand movements, and then finally a ten-minute lecture on how mirrors work before Carson would believe the handsome stud he was seeing was, in fact, himself. "I still don't completely get it," Carson confessed later, "but the guys looked like they were starting to get pretty mad, so finally I just nodded and said I understood. Then they let me go."


Kyle's case was one that a lot of men deal with from time to time. Kyle's hair had gotten slightly longer and more shaggy than he would like, and he was starting to grow in a five o'clock shadow. What we thought Kyle needed was an American Crew Hot Oil treatment ($60.00), a trim ($10.00), and a shave with a Gilette Mach 8 Elite Pro Plus ($34.99). The results speak for themselves:

Kyle Before


Kyle After

Upon seeing his new self for the first time, Kyle looked somewhat perplexed. "What did you guys do, exactly?" he wanted to know. We told him exactly what we did, and he professed to be slightly upset that we had "wasted five hours" of his time. "Reactions like his are commom when people get drastic makeovers," lisped divisiontwo's gay hair stylist Lance. "It's a 7-step acceptance processsss, and Kyle is on step one." So, will Kyle keep up with his new look on his own? "I think so," he answered with a shrug, "I do know how to shave." Good for you, Kyle!

And thanks to all the guys for being such great sports!

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