A Guy's View

By Brad J.

September 19, 1999

Okay, a lot of your letters and comments have asked me to write on what I think about homosexuality. No problem, your wish is my command.

First off, I think homosexuality is sick and wrong, but let's be clear on what is and isn't homosexuality. There are lots of gray areas, and I don't support labeling someone a "fag" just because he's into art or music and doesn't play sports. I wouldn't call some guy a queer just because he's sensitive or cries in public. "Pussy" would be a better word. But my point is that there are lots of different types of guys who can be normal and straight, because there are several clear things that separate us from the sick faggot assperverts.

Sure, I can recognize beauty in men. I'll admit that. When I look at the athletic, toned body of a weightlifter or model, I am simply admiring a thing of beauty; it doesn't mean I want that body sexually. In fact, seeing bodies like that make me feel more envious than turned on. It's the '90s, and I'm secure enough in my masculinity and heterosexuality to admit that openly.

And sure, I have fantasized about guys before. Sometimes, it's a big turn-on when I'm jerking off to think of all sorts of kinky sex. All you guys do it—admit it. There's nothing wrong with fantasies. Having a healthy fantasy life is necessary for having a healthy social life.

Of course, there have been a few times when I've seen guys naked and gotten a little turned on. I can't help but stare at some of the guys in the showers after gym class or baseball practice and fantasize about them pinning my arms behind my back and forcing me to suck their hard cocks right there. Sometimes, if I there's a guy I particularly want to see, I make it a point to take my shower at the same time he does. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that; everybody does it.

Yeah, I've jerked off with some of my buddies before. I remember once, when I was fourteen, five of us had a contest to see who could shoot the farthest. Mike won. This is something males just do during the onset of puberty. It's normal to be curious about your own body and the bodies of others, and to want to express your newfound sexuality but not quite know how to go about it appropriately. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Oh sure, I've sucked Dave's cock before. Sometimes when he's staying over, we look at dirty magazines and talk about what we'd like to do to girls. This gets us all worked up and we need to get our rocks off somehow. It's not that big a deal; sucking a dick is sort of like sucking on a banana with the peel still on. And jizz doesn't taste that bad, just salty and slightly bitter.

It practically goes without saying that I've rimmed Dave's asshole. I was spending the night at his house once and I did it on a dare. I stayed in there, licking, exploring, probing with my tongue for practically a half hour before Dave and I finally sucked each other off and went to sleep.

And sometimes Dave and I do fuck each other. It only hurts the first time; after that, you know how much lube to use and how to make it feel good. And yes, when we're done, we fall asleep in each other's arms, sometimes with his cock still in my asshole or mine still buried in his, and hold one another tight until the sun comes up. In the morning, we shower together, wash each other's hair, lather up each other's skin, then dry each other off and get on with our lives. This is all completely normal, healthy heterosexual behavior.

It's the fags and what they do that's disgusting. Sometimes I wish it were legal to crack their skulls in with my baseball bat when I see them holding hands in the mall or kissing on the sidewalk. Sometimes Dave and I go out to the park on Sunday night and do just that. It's fun to break fags' heads open; I recommend you all try it. Just do it in the dark and wear a ski mask or sunglasses so you don't get caught.

And that's A Guy's View for today. Write me and tell me what you think. Send some feedback and column suggestions to divisiontwo@yahoo.com.


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