My name is Kelly
I am very pleased that you could stop by!
I hope you enjoy your stay in Kelly's World!

To briefly tell you about myself...

I am 13 and I go to Ridge Crest Junior High School.

In my spare time, I like to read novels by Danielle Steele and Honey McHotpot,

and spend time with my black friend Kiesha who my mom calls "jigaboo girl".

I like to ride horses!!! Just like in this picture I found under my mom's bed of mom and my dad's sister Julie:

I also spend a lot of time (my mom says too much time) looking for pictures of dead bodies on the web.

When we go to visit I relatives I get to play with my aunt Julie's friendly retriever Sammy.

I found this picture in a box labelled X-Mas Lights in aunt Julie's bedroom closet.

I also like to make TONS of cool web pages for my own site and for divisiontwo!

When I'm bored in class I draw lots of cartoons like this one:

"Fill Me Up Kitty" got me suspended for three days last October.

and of course...


I am also a huge angel lover, collector, and true believer!

This is an angel staring at her cunny.

Meet my adopted guardian angel...KYLIE. She's a lipstic dyke.

Sometimes she snorts coke and dreams she can fly.

Please help support the 'Adopt A Transgendered Clown' program. By doing so you are taking the hand of a transgendered friend or neighbor and joining it in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all transgendered of this planet -- like my aunt Paula!

Aunt Paula
Aunt Paula
Recovering from surgery, May 4, 1998

My Aunt Paula had her weener cut off last year so she could be a woman. The doctors let her keep part of it in a jar. It's gross!

Please display this teardrop on your page to show that you care about negroes like my black friend Kiesha. When you call her names like "frizzy hair" and "monkey girl" she cries and tells the principal on you and you have to go talk to the anti-hate councelor Dave Strickman.

~Please help stop Animal Sexual Abuse~

The doggie in this photo is committing an act of ASA and is making the little boy cry.

Remember you can verbally abuse a child also, and it doesn't leave big bruises that can be tracked to you. But please don't do it!

Meet my adopted baby boy...

He is just learning to crawl!
Taylor needs lots of THC!
So PLEASE don't be mean to him
or pull on his wing-wang,
because when I did that to my little brother my mom yelled at me!

Also, meet my adopted cyber puppy...

He is a very friendly puppy
who loves lots of THC just like me and Kiesha do!
So not be mean to him,
or pull on his wing-wang,
because aunt Julie's dog bites me when I do that!!

I support Breast Cancer Awareness

I always check Kiesha's breasts for lumps when she's sleeping. One time she almost woke up and I quick pretended I was just rolling over in my sleep.

Join together to stop racism...

These are my adopted cyber friends! Way over on the left there's Lance, the gay construction worker who likes to stick his weener in boys' butts. To the right of him is Swiss Miss; she likes to sniff gasoline to get high. Then there's Annie, the butch dyke with small boobs. Next to her is Janice, a retard who drools all the time. The girl in the green is Nancy. She's a total bitch. Don't cross her or she'll kick your fucking teeth in. Holding her hand is a negro girl Tanika (tuh-NEE-kuh) who sucks dick for money. The redhead next to her is Pippy, a slut who likes taking it up the pooper. The guy in the gray shirt is Justin; he bleached his hair when he came out as a fag. The girl in the read shirt is Chesty; she's dumb as dirt but I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off those boobs! Then there's the black guy Leroy, he's in a gang and he has a peener that's bigger than my arm! The girl in the pink dress is Lucy. I named her that because she looks like a girl in my class named Lucy. This Lucy likes to stick her fingers in her private, like I saw the real Lucy do in the bathroom after the class Christmas party. And finally, the guy all the way on the right is Lucus. He's 44 and he's never seen a girl naked except his mom.

Display this hand on your website and stop discrimination against cross-breed people like mullattos and mestizos! They're like the human version of mules.

Another thing that I love is to make new friends!!

I've met some wonderful people on ICQ and the #Daddy4Daughter channel on IRC!
Some of the regulars I chat with are:
GYPSY-she is a very sweet, intelligent and talented girl who says she can take two weeners at once! (That's nothing; I ate four once at a picnic)
Sam-he is kind and caring and always listens to me and always asks me to meet him in person to talk about my problems!
Tommy-very fun friend who likes to send me pictures of boys with rings on their peeners.

And to all the rest of my internet buddies...


In Loving memory for the students at
Columbine High School, Littleton Colorado, who got shot up by my cousin and his friend.

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