Exotics USA 5


  • The Anarchist's Cookbook - Hey kids, wanna know how to make a bomb? Counterfeit money? Tamper with brakes? Hurt/kill your friends? The Anarchist's Cookbook has all the information you need.

  • Links to Free Gay Porn - Mommy, how do gay people fuck? This link provides a definitive listing of many free gay porn sites on the web featuring all imaginable types of gay sex. For educational purposes/artistic study only.

  • Rough Riders - What little boy doesn't want to grow up to be a cowboy? Find out what the Wild Wild West is really all about.

  • Dead Pets Society - Delightful and uplifting poetry dedicated to people's dead pets.

  • Careers - Don't know yet what you want to be when you grow up? Why not check out these links profiling various career paths. You, too, will be a member of the work force someday.

  • Steve's Hash Kitchen - Why not bake mom some brownies for an extra-special Mother's Day treat?

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