I was mortified!

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I had my leg up on the kitchen counter at my friend's house and was inserting a tampon when her dad walked in! I screamed, and he did too. He quickly turned and ran out, and by the time he came back with the camera I was on my way out the door. I never stayed over at that friend's house again, and I never told her it was because I was completely mortified!

Last year, I was in one of the stalls of the girls' bathroom at school. I had taken off my pants so I could pee, and I folded them and put them on the floor next to me. When I finished and flushed the toilet, it overflowed right onto my pants, and just then, three hot guys walked by! I was mortified! My principal wouldn't let me go home, so I had to just wear my panties for the rest of the day while he put my pants in the dryer. I was so embarrassed I wanted to transfer schools!

When I was in seventh grade, I was wearing a tampon for the first time, and as I was walking down the hall, I noticed people behind me were pointing and laughing. I didn't realize until I got to class that the tampon string was dangling out the ankle of my jeans! I was so mortified I told the teacher I was sick and went right home. Now I know to cut those strings when they're long.

At prom Junior year, my boyfriend and I were dancing to a slow song, when suddenly he tripped over my feet and fell backward onto the dance floor. I laughed so hard I threw up on him and soiled my white dress, and everyone saw! Just then I got my first period. My boyfriend broke up with me over the phone the next day. Pictures of the incident got posted online. No one would talk to me for the last year of high school. My grades suffered from it all, so I didn't make it into the college I wanted. I never got to go to my Senior prom.

At camp when I was 12, we were playing a co-ed truth or dare game, and one of the girls dared me to kiss one of the counselors. I said I would, so I went into the counselors cabin, walked right up to him and kissed him. Right then, my pants fell off! The counselor slapped me till I cried, and everyone watched it from the window! I was so mortified I wanted to walk home from camp that night. And I think I caught something from that counselor because my face was all puffy and sore afterwards.

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