Goin' to Kansas City,
Kansas City here I come.
They got some fine lookin' women in Kansas City,
And I'm gonna get me some.

-Maya Angelou

the unseen

where is night
without the day
under the tree
or up in the sky?
we take for granted
things we cannot touch
or put in our holes.

-e.e. cummings.


Little Tammy Houstenback
doesn't play here anymore.
Little Tammy doesn't ride
her red bike to the store.
Little Tammy doesn't smile
or sell cookies door to door
Little Tammy is all grown up
and little Tammy is a whore.

Jesus is dead.

-Eudora Welty


words are like stones
I put on my tongue
and then swallow
Feel them sit heavy in my belly
and scream in agony when I pass them.

-Emily Dickinson


I look and I see no one
Not a whistle, not a wink.
There is not a soul around
to watch me wank into the sink.

-Robert Frost


Yellow kitten
in the tree
fuzzy dice
takes she
to the tree
so she can be
And there she stays
and plays
all days
in wind and in haze
with fuzzy orange dice
and fur full of lice
and tummy full of mice

I know we are free.

-Lord Byron


The tree is on fire.
Daddy is drunk.
Mommy is yelling.
Sister is crying.
Brother is hiding.
Uncle is laughing.
Auntie is leaving.
Carol is sad.
Presents are ash.
Daddy is mad.
Grandpa is dead.
Grandma forgets.
Cousin spilled pop.
My dick is itchy again.

-Garrison Netzel

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