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You've probably heard on the news that a video camera linked to a personal computer and streamed to a web page is often used by people who feel the need to broadcast their masturbation sessions to a worldwide audience. Possibly a friend once slipped you the address of a webcam site that profits off women in high heals stomping rodents to death. Or maybe you've read some frightening magazine stories about pedophiles using webcams to meet children and lure them away from their homes. So you've probably wondered, how can I get in on all this? And you've been asking intelligent, informed questions such as, is a webcam expensive? Is it easy to set up and use? Does it come with a DVD modem? How much RAM does my monitor need to become a camera?

In this issue of divisiontwo's Tech News & Tips, Yokitaki Sakamura tells you everything you need to know about choosing a webcam, connecting it to your computer and broadcasting your sexual perversions onto the World Wide Web. If after reading this article you have any additional questions or comments regarding setting up and using your own webcam, write to, and we'll be happy to sell your email address to our advertisers.

How to Set Up a Webcam

by Yokitaki Sakamura

November 15, 1999


To begin, you must begin to believe about some cool thing to cam. Keeping in mind that since most cams bring with only a 12-feet extension cord, your target to view must be forthcoming to your computer. And when you have buyed the webcam, please note that a webcam assemblied by two persons cooperate is more easily completed. To escape the risk of fire or explosion, keep SLOWLY and COMPLETELY when push closed and pull open.

If you are a small, insignificant computer user, I advocate Logitech's QuickCam belongings. The Logitech clan offers a variety of webcams that are gentle to set up and pleasurable to use, including the $79.95 QuickCam VC and the $149.95 QuickCam Pro. If you already have a camera of video photos, you can pleasure yourself to buy a cord or a serial adapter and stick the camera inside your computer.

As for the tenderware of the webcam, there are a good number of user-friendly products out there of that which you can download and test, however more display a logo of publicity on your images until you have registered and paid for the tenderware. After my check of some programs, I recommend ISpy for Windows and SiteCam for Macintosh in high. If you were on a budget, Windows with 95 or 98 can try the $25 Webcam32 and Macintosh with System 7.0 or 7.5 can download StripCam for Macintosh, as it is liberatedware so you don't have to pay for it.

Once you have penetrated your camera into his computer and have implanted logical tenderware, you can begin to form your levy of the Web. With many levies of the Web and most of the other programs on the levy of the Web, you can execute yourself in the following passages of progression:

1. Preview your pictures.
Any Webcam program will give you a preview picture to inspect in its panel, so you can place your hand on your levy and adjust yourself to the configurations that please you.

2. Choose your image settings.
This step is important to read as misreading this progression can permanently damage his computer: The trick must here start the picture best-looking in the size of possible rasp the minor that is held up by your monitor's renewel price point, thus that its footage does not make too much examination for much time to load in browsers of the Web of the visitors and burn to damage your own monitor for good. I recommend to justify its Webcam for 320 x 240 x 561, pictures 17-bit color for the JPEG.

3. Select brightness, contrast, and color settings.
The greater number of webcams record automatically in order to excessively compensate the luminous or limited light. However, you can manually stimulate your own brightness by rubbing your contrast up and down, and adjusting your ethnicity settings if you have need to.

4. Make a shirt for your webcam images.
Create a shirt on your computer in the shape in which you maintain your Web site, then say to your software of cam of Web where the shirt is thus it can there put the images which it records.

Once that you did install your cam of Web and built a site for him, what comes then? Something which you want. Go ahead and ejaculate your creativity onto your camera. The next time that you have a party in your pants or office, direct your cam to with where the action is. Or terminate a girl on cam and sell the video for big deers. With a webcam and a Web site, it has no limit with the things which you can exploit.

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