You're stupid. You can't do anything right. You disgust me. I wish you were
never born. You're lazy. You need vaccinations. I might as well sell you to
that shirtless Mexican lady who goes through our garbage. You never touch
me anymore. Hey stinkypants, use the toilet. You're uglier than your dead
grandmother's ass. Quit your fucking crying or I'll hit you again. I wanted a
girl; put this dress on. I poisoned your cat today. Don't make me call Uncle
Frank over here. Quit thinking with your dick. You smell like the men's room
at Denny's. Nobody likes you who isn't imaginary.

Please, THINK before you speak. Your words can hurt a child more than that metal belt
buckle you hit him with when you're drunk.




This ad is brought to you by the divisiontwo Child Abuse Prevention Fund.


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