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By Chastity Lillicreme
April 5, 2001

What a week we had around my house! 


Last week my job as a reporter for the Como Shopper was fairly routine and hum-drum, but at home my house was full of surprises.  On Monday, I won 5 bucks on scratch-off by finding three one-eyed squirrels on a “Nuts for Bucks!” card.  On Tuesday, my husband got a promotion to head assistant director of the Department of Corrections, so he’ll be enjoying a greater level of authority to dole out discipline to the inmates, and on Wednesday, Jennifer got her third period this month.  But nothing could have prepared me for the surprise that was to come Thursday.

On Thursday, I settled in like I usually do at 7:00 for an hour of flipping between Survivor and Friends.  It was an engrossing episode of Survivor, which had lot of sexual tension between Texas-bred hunk Colby and wannabe actress Jerri.  They had both won the reward challenge and were whisked off to spend a day feasting and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.  The visuals of the landscape were truly breathtaking.

The Berramundis were just getting ready to make the long hike to Tribal Council when my daughter Kelsie, twelve years old and in the remedial reading group in her sixth-grade class, came into the house crying about a boy who had touched her "on the privates."  Between sobs she managed to tell me that she had been at Deliciously Good Pizza (where all the middle-schoolers hang out after school in our town) when Jimmy Malone and a group of the other seventh-grade boys came in and started acting rowdy, teasing the girls.  One of them dared Jimmy to snap Kelsie's disposable training bra and grab her vagipubic area, and he did it.  She said all the boys laughed at her and then Jenny and Michelle walked her home.  She was thoroughly devastated by the incident, and by that point couldn’t stop crying.  My little girl had been sexually abused by a seventh-grader.

So anyway, by the time the eight remaining castaways made it to the Tribal Council area, apparently Elisabeth had convinced Keith, Tina and Colby to vote with Rodger, Nick and her against Jerri.  Tina and Colby didn't appear very receptive to the plan at first, but in the end, Jerri was voted out by a surprising margin of 6-2. (Jerri and her minion Amber had both cast their votes Elisabeth.)  Jerri said, “You guys got me.  Checkmate,” as she stood up and then Jeff Probst extinguished her torch.  Perhaps this could mean that the old tribal alliances are dead? I mused.

During the end credits of the episode, Jerri said she thought the comment she had made about the game "not being fair" was what turned everyone against her.  Really, though, I think she was voted out because Colby realized what a threat she was to his position as unofficial leader of the tribe.  Up until that minute I had been convinced that Jerri was going to scheme herself all the way to the final four and then to the million dollar prize, just like Richard Hatch had done last season.  Instead, though, she became the ninth person given the boot; to put it in perspective, she lasted just as long as Jenna did last season.  What lies in store for the Berrimundi tribe now that Amber's tie to Jerri has been severed is anyone’s guess.  Will she be alienated enought to side with Elisabeth, Nick and Rodger to vote out the remaining Ogakors?  You'll have to watch tonight and see.  But there’s no doubt in my mind that if Jerri had read my suggestion letter and voted off Colby, she definitely would have surviven to the final four, if not longer.

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