When doing a search on divisiontwo, follow these tips for making your searches faster and more effective:

  • Avoid generic words such as "studs" "sucking" "pussy" or "fistfuck".
  • Use the $ to include a word near a key search term preceded by the % sign, connected with a + if they are to appear together in all contexts, a * if they are to appear together in some contexts, and a - if they are not to appear in any contexts, unless three or more key search terms are joined by two or more # symbols or grouped in brackets [], and/or are using boolean AND, OR, NOT, NAND, or NOR connectors in conjunction with the ! symbol.
  • Do an advanced search to make things more complicated.
  • To search for an mp3, type a likely filename such as fuckshop.mp3 or mambo_no_5.mp3.
  • Broaden your search by including words such as "a" "an" "the" "any" "also" "wherever" and "to".
  • Ask d2 a question! Our natural-language simulator knows that when you type the question, "Where can I find a conversion chart from the English System to Metric?" you are looking for pictures of sexy robots.
  • Use creative spellings such as "masterbation" "pusy" "kunt" "dikc" "cuming" or "anis".
  • If you are female, find a man to help you use the computer.
  • If you are looking for pictures of children or are looking to meet up with children, you may find what you are looking for in divisiontwo's Kids Links.
  • Make divisiontwo your start page; this way, divisiontwo can monitor your searches and put together a psychological profile to predict your preferences and target more ads to your personal tastes and fetishes.
  • Email divisiontwo when things don't go right. You won't get a response, but we do like hearing from you, because we can then sell your email address to advertisers.
  • Register as a divisiontwo Preferred User. Preferred Users get to see more banner ads and have additional advertising sent directly to their email addresses.

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