What's new on divisiontwo?

Divisiontwo has returned after a year-and-a-half long absence.  The new divisiontwo continues in the fine tradition of the original to share news, ideas, insights, health, advice and fun to build an educated online community.  We are currently in the process of archiving old content to the What's Old? page and filling the main page with informative and enlightening new content for our readers.  As was the case with the original magazine, divisiontwo will be updated daily with one or two new news articles or opinion pieces each day.  This page will return to its intended purpose of providing daily links to new articles once the main page is fully loaded with edifying content.  We hope you're as glad to have divisiontwo back as we are to bring it to you.  Let's learn from one another and make the world a better place.

-The Editor

Notice: this site (Division Two magazine) was restored from its original location by Shlomi Fish, as he found it amusing. He hosts it on his domain and maintains information about it on his home site. Shlomi Fish is not responsible for its contents of divisiontwo.shlomifish.org.